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George Briggs, Sr. born

George Briggs, Sr. of Western Massachusetts was born in the late 1700s. He became a lawyer, a member of the United States House of Representatives, and 7-time governor of Massachusetts. He also founded a Baptist church where he met Harriet Hall, whom he married and had three children by birth and four by adoption. 


c. 1830

George Briggs, Jr. born

George Briggs, Jr. was one of the children of George and Harriet Briggs. He was born circa 1830 and was raised in Massachusetts. He became a notable businessman and president of Lexington Lumber, and married a woman named Effie whom he settled down in Lexington with. 

c. 1880 - 1910

Colonial Revival Style Popularized

In the late 1800's and early-to-mid 1900's the Colonial Revival Style of architecture was popularized, with a goal to revive elements of historical American colonial architecture during a time when Queen Anne-style architecture was dominating the country. This nod to the past is fitting for Lexington, a town where colonial history runs deep.

Colonial Revival architecture is marked by its diverse and broad blend of uniquely American styles. It draws significantly from Georgian and Federal architecture influences, with a splash of Dutch Colonial and post-medieval English styles. You will frequently find formal, symmetrical, and rectangular exteriors; gabled roofs and dormers; and simple layouts. More ornate elements such as intricate detailing, columned or portico entries, front door fanlights and sidelights, pediments, and moldings are often featured as well.

This style of architecture was featured not only on residential homes but also banks, churches, schools, government offices, and commercial buildings.


Fair Oaks development built

In 1902, in the middle of the popularization of the Colonial Revival style, the Fair Oaks development was built in historic Lexington. It was designed by renowned MIT architect, author, and Lexington resident Willard D. Brown. He is known for designing landmark Lexington buildings such as Cary Memorial Library, and the homes of prominent residents including well-known philanthropist Josiah Willard Hayden.


George and Effie Briggs (discussed above) purchased the most prominent home in this development - 75 Outlook Drive (otherwise known as "the Fair Oaks Home" - and became the original owners.


The beautiful home was passed down through owners over the next century, loved and preserved by Lexington families.

c. 1900 - 2020

Fair Oaks Home Preserved

The beautiful home was passed down through owners over the next century, loved and preserved by Lexington families.


Fair Oaks Home Sold

The most recent owners of the Fair Oaks Home decided it was time to sell the home and received a proposal from locally-based alpha echo design and development.

According to Eduardo Alvarez of alpha echo, "we believe the Fair Oaks house and barn are historical landmarks that merit not only to be restored but also to be updated to 21st Century standards while becoming environmentally friendly and efficient so that a deserving family can continue to curate its legacy." Seeing that this approach was thoughtful and sensitive to local interests, the owners decided to sell the land to them.

Alpha echo set to work planning and beginning the restoration and development. The decision to name the development Briggs Hill was made as a nod to the original owners and rich history of the land.

2022 - 2023

Restoration and Construction

Today, alpha echo is hard at work restoring the original home and barn, as well as constructing the three new homes in the development. 

You can become a part of the history!

Contact us today to learn more about opportunities to own a home at Briggs Hill.

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